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Code Connections : My article in ET
Posted by Sudhindra Mokhasi on June 7th, 2008 in the Category: General

Night Life
Posted by Sudhindra Mokhasi on June 9th, 2008 in the Category: General     
First post - quick update on book
Posted by Sudhindra Mokhasi on March 27th, 2009 in the Category: General

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The book's been in top 5 from past 11 months

not actually top 5, its on 1 or  2nd position from past 11 months in non-fiction category :)

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My netbook experiments     published on 29 March 2010
Around this time last year, I was invited to speak at the national launch of e.go range of notebooks by Wipro. The event was interesting for many reasons.....

Tech books: New frontier
1 March 2010
For our recent hiring exercise, we were researching the syllabi of Indian universities for a particular specialty in computer science....

The Buzz!
15th February 2010
I discovered I live in an interesting neighbourhood. Someone was pining for their valentine, someone else was enjoying a sumptuous meal at an obscure restaurant, another was enjoying sunset from a train bound for Mysore and yet another had finished a workout at the gym.

Pragmatic idiots (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=1stfeb2010 )
published on 1 February 2010
If I were to Tweet my take away from the movie 3 Idiots it would be `Make your passion your profession / job early in lyfe and Aal will be Vell ever aftr'...

A Ghosn for Japanese IT (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=4thjan2010 )
published on 4 January 2010
As I detailed in my last two columns, there are challenges aplenty, but it is clear that India needs the Japanese IT business and Japan needs to plug into the great Indian Outsourcing engine..

Japan-India: Good idea? (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=21dec2009 )
published on 21 December 2009
Everytime there is a ecession or slowdown in the western markets, it has become customary for our CEOs to make a Japan announcement..

In the land of Rising Sun (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=7thdec2009 )
published on 07 December 2009
My Japanese friend Yuka Kitagami was visiting over the weekend. She and I had worked in the Japanese market for many years and had played a role in the Japanese foray of one of India's leading companies.

In Big B's shadow (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=9thnov2009 )
published on 9 November 2009
An interesting combination of genesis, history, and environment has concocted a situation in India where BPOs don't get due recognition.

Oh BPO! (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=26thoct2009 )
published on 26 October 2009
Afew years ago we were looking for a match for my younger brother, in an arranged marriage framework. A prospective bride was from a middle class family employed in a reputed MNC.....

Antipodean conundrum (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=12thoct )
published on 12 October 2009
My first contact with the antipodean world was in 1999 when we were building satellite phone software for an Australian company. Later, I held business responsibility for the region and visited many times....

Band-Aid for the band(http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=14thsep )
published on 14 September 2009
It takes a lot of innovation, guts and shrewd marketing savvy to seriously challenge incumbents, especially in an industry like the well consolidated music orchestra business of today...

IT’s time to look ahead (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=31staugust )
published on 31 August 2009
Looking into this rear view mirror is a nice thing — especially if you are a long standing incumbent in India’s IT and BPO services export industry..

Slump ke side effects (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=10thaugust )
published on 10 August 2009
The slowdown in IT/ITeS exports and healthy growth in the overall Indian economy is an interesting combo for India — not for its primary impact but for the side effects.

After the layoff ... (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=27thjuly )
published on 27 July 2009
Let’s face it: We all hate being laid off.  than the job or financial loss, it is the ‘laid off’ label that rankles . Take away the stigma, and a layoff becomes a routine demand-supply business situation.

Anatomy of a layoff  (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=13thjuly )
published on 13 July 2009
As a society we aren’t designed to handle layoffs well. Of course, one could argue that we also aren’t designed to handle sex-education, gay rights, privatisation of Air-India ...

Reading this Google-y (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=29th )
published on 29 June 2009
For me, there are three iconic companies of the Internet era - Netscape, YouTube, and Google.

The Buffalo in Bengaluru (http://www.bposutra.com/index.php?action=book&func=columninDC&article=15th )
published on 15 June 2009
There is a new buffalo in Bengaluru and it will take back all the jobs offshored from America; it would then stand guard at the American portal to ensure there are no  jobs for Indians.

Monday, March 2, 2009

We all are waiting for the Book Launch……..

Rupa’s Feedback itz gona be the BESTSELLER……… this year 2009

Already it hit the north India’s market and we are getting users from the BOOK♥

We are expecting more users from the book…

The team is waiting for the First Book Launch which is at Bangalore☻(6th March 2009) Home town of the Writer(S Mokhasi ☺)…. thatz anyway gona be crouded

But we are expectin a lot from Mumbai Launch which is on 13 Fri. March 2009.
1. that ‘ll be first outing for the team (outside City :D)
2. And most probably Chetan Bhagat gonna be there and we expect more from the Mumbai and delhi Croud